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2015 Our World Film Series

Short Night Films
ABCC Our World Film Series 2015 laurels.jpg

“Phony Friends” 

Directed by Alex Kamb, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

“Ida’s 85th”

Directed by Julia Iglesias, Boston University

“Bitter Roast”

Directed by Jonathan Buck, Curry College

“Into the Night”

Directed by Kate Li, Boston University


Directed by Fannar Thor Arnarsson, Boston University

“Rest in Peace, Albert Lively”

Directed by Jack Garrett, Boston University


Directed by Joseph Dwyer, Boston University

Poster for "Into the Night"

Poster for "Ida's 85th"

Scene from "Bitter Roast"

Scene from "Rest in Peace, Albert Lively"

Scene from "Dreamers"

Filmmakers in attendance:

Actor David Erik Finn ("Bitter Roast"), Joe Dwyer ("Dreamers"),

Alex Kamb ("Phony Friends"), Todd Davis (ABCC Our World Short Night coordinator)

2015 Our World Film Series Short Night Program (click icon to download)

 Feature Foreign Films

A Hard Day's Night, 1964


Director: Richard Lester

Electra, 1962


Director: Mihalis Kakogiannis

Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1975 (Australia)

Director: Peter Weir

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