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2024 Our World Film Series

Short Program Films


“Petra and the Wolf”

Directed Sylvia Nichol, Middlesex Community College

"Government Cheese"

Directed by Alyssa Moses, Cam Stefek, Kely Maloney, Pete Sethanant, and Sean McCarthy, Suffolk University

“Fast Food Frenzy”

Created by Brandon Krish, Jackson Murphy, Andrew Foley,

and Oliver Ciric, Emerson College

“Frère Jacques”*

Directed by Shayna Smith, Boston University

“Like Me”

Directed by Elias Stevens, Wheaton College

* this film will not be available on Acton TV broadcast or YouTube channel

Click here to watch the 2024 Short Program trailer

Frerre Jacques poster_edited.png

Poster for "'Frère Jacques"

Petra and the Wolf Screenshot 1.jpg

Scene from "Petra and the Wolf"

ABCC Our World Film Series 2024 laurels_

The 2024 Short Program will be broadcast and streamed on Acton TV local cable access (Channel 8 on Comcast and Channel 45 on Verizon cable systems) after the screening on April 26.


Poster for "Government Cheese"

Fast Food Frenzy poster.heic

Poster for "Fast Food Frenzy"


Viewfinder production image from "Frère Jacques"


Scene from "Like Me"


Elias Stevens headshot.jpg

Elias Stevens

"Like Me"

Kely Malony.heic

Kely Maloney

"Government Cheese"

Cam Stefek.JPG

Cam Stefek

"Government Cheese"

Pete Stethanant.jpg

Pete Sethanant

"Government Cheese"

Brandon Krish Headshot.jpg

Brandon Krish

"Fast Food Frenzy"

Jackson Murphy Headshot.jpeg

Jackson Murphy

"Fast Food Frenzy"

Andrew Foley headshot.jpg

Andrew Foley

"Fast Food Frenzy"

Oliver Ciric Headshot.jpg

Oliver Ciric

"Fast Food Frenzy"

Sylvia Nichol headshot.jpeg

Sylvia Nichol

"Petra and the Wolf"

Shayna Smith headshot_edited.png

Shayna Smith

"Frère Jacques"

Filmmakers in attendance:


Andrew Foley, Oliver Ciric, Jackson Murphy, Brandon Krish

"Fast Food Frenzy"

2024 Our World Film Series Short Program

(click icon to download)


Alissa Nicol (representing Sylvia Nicol)

"Petra and theWolf"



"Petra and theWolf"

Feature Foreign Films

Italian for Beginners, 2000

(Denmark, Sweden)

Director: Lone Sherfig


Run Lola Run, 1998


Director: Tom Tykwer

Children of Heaven poster.jpg

Children of Heaven, 1998


Director: Majid Majidi

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