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2013 Our World Film Series

Short Night Films

“Fall of the House of Pancake” 

Directed by Oscar Goff, Emerson College

“Santa Always Checks Twice”

Directed by Jack Garrett, Boston University

“The Intruder”

Directed by Jasper Lowe, Boston University

“Where’s the Bloody Money”

Directed by Sam Kauffmann, Professor,

Boston University

“Zareen on a Bridge in the City”

Directed by Phoebe Waldron, Boston University

“Off to the Races”

Directed by Megan Lovallo, Boston University

Scene from "The Intruder"

Scene from "Where's the Bloody Money"

Scene from "Off to the Races"

Scene from "Zareen on a Bridge in the City"

ABCC Our World Film Series 2013 laurels.jpg

Filmmakers in attendance:

(Left to right) Oscar Goff, Jasper Lowe, Professor Sam Kauffmann; Actors Colin Turtle and Emma Gruttadauria

Professor Sam Kauffmann and Actor Colin Turtle ("Where's the Bloody Money")

Oscar Goff ("Fall of the House of Pancake") and Jasper Lowe ("The Intruder")

2013 Our World Film Series Short Night Program (click icon to download)

Feature Foreign Films

I Wish, 2011


Director: Hirokazu Koreeda

Le Havre, 2011


Director: Aki Kaurismäki

The Earrings of Madame De..., 1953


Director: Max Ophüls

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