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2012 Our World Film Series

Short Night Films

“Through Here Like Our Fathers”  (a music video by the band “Luff”)

Directed by Leah Meyerhoff

“The Runner”

Directed by Jim DanDee, Boston University


Directed by Andrew Wood, Northeastern University


Directed by Maggie Kimball, Boston University

“Guppy Love”

Directed by Ron Utin Lalkin, Boston University

“Performance Anxiety”

Directed by Charles Merzbacher, Professor, Boston University

Scene from "Guppy Love" by Ron Utin Lalkin

ABCC Our World Film Series 2012 laurels.jpg

Scene from "The Runner" by Jim DanDee

Scene from "Performance Anxiety" by Professor Charles Merzbacher

Filmmaker in attendance:

2012 Our World Film Series Short Night Program (click icon to download)

Andrew Wood ("Sketch")

Feature Foreign Films

Local Hero, 1983


Director: Bill Forsyth

The Wedding Banquet, 1993 (Taiwan)

Director: Ang Lee

Bliss, 2007


Director: Abdullah Oguz

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