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2017 Our World Film Series

Short Night Films
ABCC Our World Film Series 2017 laurels.jpg

“What Gets Us Through: The Unique Condition of Sarah Carr”

Directed by Mel Powsner, Montserrat College of Art


Directed by Emily Sheehan, Boston University


Directed by Derin Kiyak, Boston University

“Knock Knock”

Directed by Shaun Downey, Fitchburg State University

“Halcyon Summer”

Directed by David Fu (North Andover), New York University

Pick Your Own

Directed by Wes Palmer, Boston University

“Over His Dead Body”

Directed by Ramón Torres, Boston University

“Honk: A Festival of Activist Street Bands”

Directed by Patrick Johnson, Assistant Professor, Wheaton College

Poster for "Honk"

Scene from "Over His Dead Body"

Production still from "Halcyon Summer," with Director David Fu on left

Production still from "Borderline"

Filmmakers in attendance:

Mel Powsner

Mel Powsner,

"What Gets Us Through"

Shaun Downey,

"Knock Knock"

Emily Sheehan, "Borderline"

Ramón Torres,

"Over His Dead Body"

2017 Our World Film Series Short Night Program (click icon to download)

Professor Patrick Johnson,


Feature Foreign Films

Incendies, 2010


Director: Denis Villeneuve

The Broken Circle Breakdown, 2012


Director: Felix van Groeningen

Pan's Labyrinth, 2010 (Spain/Mexico)

Director: Guillermo del Toro

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